Trevor Young: Protecting urban environments

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Trevor YoungThe paintings of artist Trevor Young celebrate urban environments.

Urban sprawl in the modern era has been associated with a number of negative environmental and public health threats.

Air quality, deforestation, and improper distribution of resources are among some of the adverse effects of this mid-century phenomenon.

However, urban sprawl has made some positive impacts.

It’s contributed to cultural changes, creating new kinds of urban environments with unique architecture and character.

Trevor Young: Protecting urban environments

Artist Trevor Young celebrates the beauty he sees in urban environments.

Artist Trevor Young’s paintings seek to illustrate these new urban environments. His work highlights the visual tension between natural and man-made light often found in modern designs like roadways or parking garages.

“I love the ones that have the florescent lights in them still, as opposed to the sodium lights, the blinding orange lights that can be quite beautiful,” explains Trevor. “But, the florescent light is still, to me, the most exciting kind of light you can find in the world.”

The painter celebrates the beauty and intricacies of Americana outposts while, at the same time, explaining and highlighting the footprint of modernism.

“The portrait is still the most powerful element, I think, in art,” says Trevor. “A very well-painted portrait can last, can be timeless. It’s amazing how it can transcend through time.”

On this week’s Close Up, Full Frame takes a look at the unique paintings of artist Trevor Young.

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