“Special Chefs” serve up classes that change lives in Brazil

Americas Now

An institute started by a renowned chef in Sao Paulo Brazil is preparing more than just meals. Through her classes, she’s serving students ample helpings of confidence as well.

This week’s Game Changer on Americas Now is Simone Berti who began the NGO “Chefs Especiais” or “Special Chefs” to help those with special needs.

Self-sufficiency and simply having fun with food are the goals of “Chefs Especiais.” A few years ago Simone Berti and her husband wanted to do something philanthropic to give back to society and created a series of cooking classes for disabled, young people in Brazil.  They believe baking and broiling the various dishes teaches students important life skills.  It also provides a sense of equality and accomplishment. 

More than 200 students have taken classes at the Special Chefs Institute. There are 15 to 20 students in each class. They are normally separated into small groups and taught by instructors who are volunteers.

Simone Berti proves, if properly nurtured and trained, those with disabilities have what it takes to succeed socially and in the workplace.

Meet Game Changer, Simone Berti.