China makes world’s 1st 3D blood vessel bio-printer

World Today

A Chinese biotechnological company announced on Sunday it has developed the world’s first 3D blood vessel bio-printer, which makes it possible to produce personalized functional organs.

Sichuan Revotek Co., Ltd. based in Chengdu, capital of southwest China’s Sichuan Province, said the significant breakthrough has been achieved through its self-developed stem cell bio-ink technology, 3D bio-printer and cloud computing platform.

“The creative breakthrough in the 3D blood vessel bio-printing means we have mastered the stem cell-based 3D bio-printing technology,” said Yang Keng, chairman of Sichuan Languang Development Co., Ltd. Revotek is a subsidiary of Sichuan Languang.

Blood vessels that transport nutrients to organs are indispensable elements when creating any organs, according to James Kang, an expert who led the program.

Kang’s team has created a novel type of bio-ink – “Biosynsphere”, whose primary goal is the personalized stem cell bio-printing to pave the way for organ regeneration.

“We have successfully realized the blood vessel regeneration by relying on the 3D bio-printer, the biosynsphere technology and the data model based on cloud computing,” he said.

The company said it is willing to absorb more talent and seek international cooperation for the application of the achievements.

Story by Xinhua and CCTV.