Heavy snow hits large swath of north China

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Heavy snow hits large swath of north ChinaHeavy snow hits large swath of north China

Heavy snow has blanketed a large swath of north China on Monday, Oct 26th, disturbing traffic but bringing beautiful winter scenery.

A snowstorm hit Mohe, China’s northernmost county in Heilongjiang Province, from early morning on Monday.

The depth of snow reached 8 centimeters (3.14 inches) by 17:00 and the heavy snow brought the visibility down to less than 100 meters (328 feet) as well. Vehicles have to slow down on snow-covered roads, while the local sanitation department dispatched snowplows to clear up the roads.

The airport in the county has not been affected by the weather so far, and tourists were excited when they saw the snowy city.

“I came from Shenzhen. I’ve never seen real snow. Today I feel very lucky. White snow wraps everything. It’ like a wonderland. It’s amazing,” said Huang Chengbo, a tourist from south China city of Shenzhen.

The weather forecast said the snow would continue until Tuesday morning.