Game changers: Next generation of girl gamers

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Next generation of girl gamersAll-girls tech camp empowers girls to seek leadership roles in gaming industry.

While no one thing is causing a lack of women in the gaming industry, there are efforts being made to find a better gender balance. It includes empowering girls and young women to take leadership roles as content producers and designers and giving them better access to opportunities in tech-related careers.

Game changers: Next generation of girl gamers

An all-girls tech camp offers next generation of femail gamers a chance to change the industry.

At an all-girls tech camp, students take courses in web design and learn to code. Camp director Jaime Hunter says the program was created after organizers noticed a huge gender gap.

“A majority of our programs are dominated by males, by boys,” explains Jaime. “For every 30 boys there are only about five girls, that’s a statistic we see reflected in this country, in this world, online.”

As Full Frame contributor Sandra Hughes reports, the next generation of female gamers are gearing up to be literal game-changers in the gaming industry.

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