Margaret Cho – Comedy, activism and growing up Asian

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Margaret ChoMargaret Cho talks with Mike Walter about growing up Asian, what fuels her activism and her “PsyCHO” comedy tour.

Margaret Cho is a comedian, an author, a musician, an actor, a clothing designer, an activist and a trailblazer.

Perhaps most telling, she has been called the “Patron Saint” for outsiders.

An outspoken advocate for the LGBT community and victims of bullying, she also serves the homeless in her hometown of San Francisco.

Credited with bringing the first Korean American family to television, Margaret Cho has simultaneously fought for recognition of the culture and heritage she loves while fighting against its traditional and conservative values. She also helped pave the way for minorities and women in comedy, but, she says, it wasn’t always that way.

“Minorities, in general, women, we all sort of have trouble in comedy clubs because it’s an art form that can be very brutal,” says Cho.

Margaret Cho-Comedy, activism and growing up Asian

Margaret Cho talks with Mike Walter about her recent "PsyCHO" comedy tour.

Much of her “art” is controversial and provocative and, in her world, no topic is taboo.

“A lot of the people that had found me offensive are dead,” Cho adds jokingly.

Her family inspires much of her comedy material and Margaret spares no barbs.

Margaret Cho joined Mike Walter in our Los Angeles studio to talk about growing up Cho, what fuels her activism and her recent “PsyCHO” comedy tour.