‘Sky high’ yoga atop a Chinese glass bridge

World Today

Some 100 yoga performers displayed a set of routines atop  a see-through glass bridge suspended 180 meters (590 feet) above a canyon in central China’s Hunan Province on Nov. 5. 

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While yoga is known to be great for developing inner peace and strength through meditation, this type of “extreme yoga” seems to be also gaining popularity across China. In July, a number of yoga practitioners from Henan Province performed poses on the top of the nearly 2,000 meters high misty Funiu Mountain, which became quite an online sensation.

Enjoying a modern resurgence yoga has gradually entered the lives of modern Chinese people, especially among the rising middle class in the metropolitan cities like Shanghai and Guangzhou. The reality is the history of yoga in China dates back thousands years ago, when it first came to China with the Buddhism from India.