Paparazzi Proposals: Memories for a lifetime

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Paparazzi ProposalsPaparazzi Proposals is putting a new spin on the marriage proposal.

Some may look at them as a nuisance. But the paparazzi play an essential role in documenting history and capturing some of the world’s most enduring images in a single moment in time.  And often the pictures they generate go viral.

One of those memorable life moments is a marriage proposal. Now, Paparazzi Proposals is putting a new spin on that magical occasion. The founder, James Ambler, was inspired by his real-life experience as a paparazzi photographer.

“It was amazing, but a hard life, you know,” explains James. “Everyone says it’s glamorous and it’s cool. It’s not glamorous spending seven days sitting in a car staring at a door, constantly.”

Paparazzi Proposals: Memories for a lifetime

Former paparazzi photographer James Ambler uses his stealth skills to capture memories for a lifetime.

Now, James uses his stealth photography skills to document the raw emotion of a memorable engagement.

The goal is to always be at the right place, at the right time. Once there, they secretly capture unique proposals.

“I’m really proud to be using some of the best paparazzi photographers out there,” says James. “And they’re using their skills to make happy memories.”

And, with a good deal of strategic planning and a dose of creativity, they’re helping memories live on for a lifetime.

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