This week on Full Frame: The power of conversation

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In a world connected, like never before, with hi-tech gadgets — communication is getting faster and faster. But, what’s the cost for that speed?

This week on Full Frame, we sit down with experts who believe our “connected” world means we’re losing basic human skills required for innovation and change…like face-to-face conversation and our ability to be curious.

Brian Grazer: A life filled with curiosity

Brian Grazer

Academy Award-winning producer Brian Grazer talks about how curiosity can fuel creativity.

Brian Grazer is an Academy Award-winning producer, a New York Times best-selling author and has been one Hollywood’s biggest power players for more than a quarter century.

Films like Apollo 13, American Gangster and A Beautiful Mind, to name a few, are examples of the diverse and important subjects he’s chosen to explore, much to the delight of audiences worldwide.

His latest creation is the New York Times bestseller, A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life. It provides readers with an inside look at what Grazer calls “curiosity conversations,” informal discussions he’s had with hundreds of the most beautiful minds in the world, many even with complete strangers. His goal is to find out what makes other people’s curiosity tick. Grazer says it fuels his own creativity and has inspired his greatest work.

So, just how does “curiosity” lead to real insight and great discovery? Brian Grazer joins Mike Walter in our Los Angeles studio with his observations.

Julian Treasure: Conscious listening in a fast-paced world

Julian Treasure

Sound expert Julian Treasure talks about the importance of conscious listening.

In a digitally-connected world where everything is competing for our attention, sound expert Julian Treasure believes we’re losing our ability to listen. Julian is an author, entrepreneur and the founder and chair of The Sound Agency, a U-K-based firm that advises businesses, worldwide, on how to use sound to increase sales, influence environments and improve customer and staff satisfaction.

Julian is also one of the world’s most sought-after speakers. His speeches have been viewed an estimated 18 million times online, and his TED talk, How to Speak so That People Want to Listen, is one of the top-50 TED talks of all time. In addition to his book, Sound Business, Julian’s work is published in major media publications around the world.

Julian joins Mike Walter, from London, to share his thoughts on the importance of speaking and listening effectively in the art of communication.

Nigel Skeet: Turning the homeless into “Rock Stars”

Professional rock star photographer Nigel Skeet talks about turning the homeless into Rock Stars.

Professional rock star photographer Nigel Skeet talks about turning the homeless into Rock Stars.

Photographer Nigel Skeet has made a very successful career out of taking pictures of famous American rock bands like Motley Crue, AC/DC and Metallica, among others. When he became aware of the homeless problem in his own community, he decided to photograph some of them the same way he would a rock star, complete with professional hair and makeup. The results were astounding—attitudes changed, understanding and awareness increased and a movement was born: The Homeless Rock Star Project.

Through the project, Nigel’s been able to encourage his community to look at the problem of homelessness with a fresh perspective and has encouraged new dialogue through the project.

Nigel joins Mike Walter in our Los Angeles studio to share what inspired him to act and how conversations can transform lives.

Thomas Knox: Connecting on a subway platform

Thomas Knox

New Yorker Thomas Knox encourages human connection while playing games on a subway platform.

If you live in a major city anywhere in the world, a nerve-wrecking and miserable daily commute is probably a part of your daily routine.

But, can a meaningful conversation – an opportunity to make a human connection – make your daily commute an uplifting experience rather than a dreaded chore?

This is the premise of Date While You Wait.

Thomas Knox sets up a table and two chairs, inviting strangers to join him for a conversation or to play a game – all while they wait for their train to arrive.

Thomas’ favorite game to play during these chats? Connect Four.

Besides getting to know strangers, Thomas even had an opportunity to play with the creator of Connect Four, Howard Wexler.

And, like the name of the game, Thomas’ “Date While You Wait” social experiment is all about connecting people – especially in a place like New York City where life’s distractions often mean missing out on its simple joys.

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