Dora Maria Ruiz educates and empowers Mexico’s indigenous

Americas Now

Dora Maria Ruiz.

This week’s Game Changer on “Americas Now” is the founder of an education center in Mexico called “Tanesque.”

Receiving a formal education is rare for those who live in rural Mexico. Dora Maria Ruiz made it her life’s work to change that. She betters the lives of the country’s indigenous with knowledge.

Indigenous groups make up more than 10 percent of the population in Mexico, speaking some 60 different languages according to the United Nations.  Thirty-five years ago Dora decided to help educate these mostly under-served communities.  She founded an organization to coach children, parents and teachers on issues that traditionally go unexplained: self-esteem, sexual abuse and domestic violence.  

Dora’s life and work were captured in a documentary called, “No Place Like Home” produced by her son, Carlos Hagerman.

Watch this week’s Game Changer Dora Maria Ruiz and see how she’s inspired others to change lives too.