Meet the stunt Santa from north China’s Jilin province

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Photo: Xinwenhua/CCTV

You might be used to the conventional image of Santa Claus as a portly and jolly man, but this Santa from Changchun city in northern China was anything but that.


Photo: Xinwenhua/CCTV


Photo: Xinwenhua/CCTV


Photo: Xinwenhua/CCTV

The man, dressed in a Santa suit, performed stunts on a frozen lake on Tuesday, wowing crowds. Lifting a bike in one hand, he successfully balanced himself on another moving bike on the ice, Jilin-based daily Xinwenhua News reported on Wednesday.

But because the ice was too slippery, it took him six attempts before he could complete the stunt.

The man is a 52-year-old local resident named Zhou Changchun. He told reporters that he learned the stunt all by himself, and is aiming to participate in CCTV’s reality show Challenge the Impossible, a TV program for people with extraordinary skills to challenge their limits.