Andrew Morgan: The cost of clothing

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Andrew MorganFilmmaker Andrew Morgan explains his inspiration for his documentary The True Cost.

How does fashion impact the people who make it and the world we live in? In 2013, an eight-story garment factory, filled with workers making clothes for major Western brands, collapsed in Bangladesh.

It killed more than a thousand people trapped inside and injured thousands more. It was this catastrophe that motivated American filmmaker, Andrew Morgan, to search for answers.

“This isn’t just a Bangladesh issue to me,” explains Andrew. “It’s truly one of the most uniquely global issues.”

Andrew Morgan: The cost of clothing

American filmmaker Andrew Morgan talked with Mike Walter about the inspiration behind his film 'The True Cost.'

His documentary, The True Cost, has been sweeping both film festivals and the fashion media around the world…looking at both the human and environmental cost of fast fashion.

“What I’m asking in the film is: ‘Why is that the best we can do? Why is it always that or nothing? Why isn’t it that or better?” Andrew asks.

He joined Mike Walter in our Los Angeles studio to explain his inspiration for the film and reveals some of the unexpected challenges, and joys, he encountered while creating it.