Bryn Mooser: Humanitarian filmmaker

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Bryn MooserHumanitarian filmmaker Bryn Mooser talks about his documentary “Body Team 12.”

When there are major disasters around the globe, humanitarian Bryn Mooser has found his way there. He’s served with the Peace Corps in West Africa and, in 2010, he helped build Haiti’s largest cholera center after the country was hit by a devastating earthquake.

In 2012, Bryn was named one of Esquire Magazine’s “Americans of the Year.” He is also the co-founder of RYOT, the first breaking news website that connects every story to an opportunity to take action.

“You can’t change the whole world,” explains Bryn. “But you can certainly do a little bit to provide a little bit of relief along the way to some people who need it, so, that’s the goal.”

Bryn Mooser: Humanitarian filmmaker

Humanitarian filmmaker Bryn Mooser talked with Mike Walter about his documentary "Body Team 12."

In 2015, Bryn’s award-winning film, Body Team 12, won the Tribeca Film Festival award for “Best Documentary short.” The film profiles an Ebola health worker in Liberia who is the only woman working with a team tasked with removing bodies during the height of the Ebola epidemic. Moved by the bravery of these body collectors, Bryn was struck by the courage and love of country exhibited by one particular worker, Garmai.

“I hope the film doesn’t come off as just sad because the hope is that it is a story of redemption, strength, hope,” says Bryn.

He talked with Mike Walter in our Los Angeles studio to share his experience in Liberia and about his willingness to tell stories from places where other people don’t venture.