Justin Baldoni: Creating socially-conscious media

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Justin BaldoniActor Justin Baldoni talks about creating socially-conscious media.

Justin Baldoni has become one of American television’s favorite leading men and possesses a unique combination of good looks and good intentions. In the breakout hit, Jane the Virgin, Justin plays cancer survivor and former playboy “Rafael Solano” who often finds himself surrounded by women and controversy.

But, Baldoni is much more than a celebrity with mainstream media success. In addition to acting, Justin is also a prolific director and owner of Wayfarer Entertainment, a digital production company dedicated to “celebrating and elevating the human spirit” through socially-conscious media.

“You watch American television and there’s just so much crap everywhere,” says Justin. “So, we’re just trying to solve that epidemic by creating stuff that people will watch and hopefully be affected by.”

Justin Baldoni: Creating socially-conscious media

American television actor Justin Baldoni talks with Mike Walter about how he wants to create socially-conscious media.

How does a Hollywood actor decide to get involved with such a unique cause? And what does he hope to accomplish with his organization?

“We’re just trying to change the way people see things by seeing and spreading the good.”

Justin joined Mike Walter in our Los Angeles studio to talk about looking at life, and death, through a different lens.