China releases top characters and words of 2015

World Today

The character “廉” (meaning incorruptibility) was picked as the top character with regard to China, while “恐” (implying terrorism or dread) was picked as the top character with regard to international issues. 

Meanwhile, “互联网+”(Internet Plus), referring to an initiative pushed by Premier Li Keqiang to modernize traditional businesses with the use of the Internet, was selected as the word of the year with regard to China, and “反恐” (meaning anti-terrorism) was picked as the annual word on international issues. This year’s annual characters and words was initiated by the National Language Research center, CCTV, and People’s Daily, and was released on Tuesday.

Winners were also announced for the Buzz Word of the Year, the New Word of the Year and the Cyber Word of the Year. Take a look at these pictures for more.

Top 10 Buzz Words of the Year

​ Top 10 New Words of Year