Tornado touches down Christmas day in US Southeast

World Today

Christmas weather in the eastern U.S. has hit record high temperatures in parts, and on Christmas day in the U.S. Southeast violent storms have hit several states there.

In the U.S. Southeast state of Alabama meteorologists confirmed that a tornado touched down near the city of Birmingham, which is the largest city in that state, heading in the direction of the town.

U.S. storm chasers were seem chasing the tornado on storm chaster live streaming website TVN Weather indicating that the timing and size of this storm has piqued the interest of professional storm enthusiasts on this popular U.S. holiday.

Residents of the U.S. state of Alabama posted videos on U.S. social media platform twitter showing the scene as they heard loud tornado warning sirens sounding, warning residents to take cover and protect themselves in a safe shelter as soon as possible.

It is hard for experts to track and warn of the touchdown of a funnel cloud after dark, which is the time of day this tornado touched down, but reports say that experts will treat tornado-like damage as damage that came from this particular tornado which has been confirmed to have touched down in the area.

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