Josh Kaufman: Learning anything fast

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Josh KaufmanBest-selling author Josh Kaufman explains how to learn anything, fast!

Imagine learning a brand new skill, anything, in just 20 hours. From speaking a new language or playing an instrument to riding a windsurfing board or even taking amazing photographs.

Best-selling author Josh Kaufman says it can be done.

“I wanted to figure out a method, or a system, so if you’re interested in something to go from knowing absolutely nothing to being very, very good in a short period of time,” says Josh.

Josh Kaufman: Learning anything fast

Best-selling author Josh Kaufman explains how learning anything can be done in just 20 hours.

And, forget the 10,000-hour rule; he says all you need is what he calls “Rapid Skill Acquisition” to learn any new skill in just a matter of weeks. And, finding a way to make it fun also helps.

“In the process of learning something new, the faster it’s fun, the more likely it is that you’ll keep practicing and the more you practice, the better you are,” explains Josh.

Mike Walter recently sat down with Josh Kaufman, author of the book, “The First 20 Hours”, at the annual Aspen Ideas Festival and discussed his amazing learning method.