Wearable Experiments: Fashion’s future

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Billie WhitehouseBillie Whitehouse, co-founder of Wearable Experiments, designs fashion’s future.

Imagine a shirt that lets you feel your favorite athlete’s excitement when he or she scores a goal, or wins a race. Billie Whitehouse, not only imagined this, she designed it.

Her company, Wearable Experiments brings fashion and technology together to produce a functional piece of clothing.

The “Alert Shirt” is a fan jersey that uses wearable technology to take the fan experience into the physical world.

“The ‘Alert Shirt’ communicates the emotional feedback of your favorite team, live, as you’re watching the game,” explains Whitehouse.

By continuing to incorporate hardware and software into clothing, Wearable Experiments hopes to take fashion to the next level.

“We’ve seen technology go from this thing that helps us to this thing that has become a frustration and an irritation,” says Whitehouse. “We would love to bring people back to this human connection.”

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