They say this is better than the hottest Christmas gift of 2015


The hottest Christmas gift of 2015 was the hoverboard. Or, rather, some version of it.

Its wheel didn’t actually “hover” off the ground at all. Many models were prone to catch fire. And emergency rooms reported a spike in injuries from people falling off their devices.

But a company called “Hoverboard” says its personal electric vehicle is better than all the rest. (A company spokesperson bluntly told CCTV-America its Hoverboard is “NOT the two-wheeled mall crawler, but a highly engineered product.”)

Oh, snap.

But why is it better?

Does it actually hover off the ground? No. In a press release the company said the 10-inch diameter wheel is so narrow, it feels more like hovering than its competitors. (Still, it’s hard to see how that’s more realistic than, say, the AcraBoard which actually does hover.)

Is it easy to just get up and use? No. The company is using the term “board sport” to explain how much practice is needed to perfect its use.

It does have some cool features, such as lights that illuminate the ground at night.

I highlight this Hoverboard to explain one of the difficulties in covering CES. Every company here wants the media to believe that their product debut is the most innovative, most life-changing and most newsworthy announcement of the show. But, in only very rare cases is that actually true.

We will do our best to continue bringing you the products that just might make you go “wow.”