What to expect in tech and innovation now that CES 2016 has wrapped


(AP Photo/Gregory Bull)

The world’s largest consumer technology show wrapped in Las Vegas, with many Chinese companies making a big splash.

But the booth of Chinese company Changzhou First was closed down – the makers of an electric skateboard face copyright complaints.

CCTV America’s Mark Niu reports some of the details around the countless deals successfully brokered in Las Vegas.

Professor William Messner on the market for self-driving cars
For more on new technology, CCTV America spoke with William Messner, a mechanical engineering professor at Tufts University.

We asked him about the emerging market for self-driving cars and where we’ll likely see them.

Scott Schober on the consumer electronics market

For an assessment of the state of the consumer electronics market, CCTV America was joined from New York by Scott Schober, CEO of Berkeley Vari-tronics Systems.