This week on Full Frame: Connecting the world through music

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Mike Walter and David FosterLegendary music producer David Foster talks about his golden musical touch.

Music is one of the greatest equalizers, bringing together people from all different social and cultural backgrounds for a shared human experience that transcends all boundaries.

This week on Full Frame, we’ll meet innovators who are connecting the world through music.

David Foster: Musical Hit Man

David Foster

Canadian-born “Maestro to the stars” David Foster talks about the magic of music.

David Foster has been called “Maestro to the stars.” The Canadian-born musician, record producer, songwriter, composer, and arranger has collaborated with some of the greatest superstars in music – across many genres.

He’s known as the HIT MAN. Somehow, everything he touches turns to gold or platinum and he knows how to spot talent that audiences love. He’s discovered and worked with some of the music industry’s greatest singers including Celine Dion, Michael Buble, Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli, and many more.

David has also won 16 Grammy Awards, including three for Producer of the Year, an Emmy Award, and has had three Oscar Nominations for “Best Original Song.”

Legendary super producer David Foster joins Mike Walter in our Los Angeles studio to talk about his golden musical touch.

Sparking memories with music and technology

Mike Walter with Michael Rossato-Bennet and Scott Lien

Filmmaker Michael Rossato-Bennett and GrandPad CEO and Co-Founder Scott Lien talk about sparking memories using music and technology.

Scientific evidence shows music can awaken parts of the brain that have lain dormant for years, even in catatonic patients. So, social worker Dan Cohen decided to volunteer at retirement homes and provide music to those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. The results he found were astounding.

When filmmaker Michael Rossato-Bennett heard, he decided to follow Dan for a day and capture his efforts on film. Neither man could have known that their one-day expedition would turn into a three-year journey resulting in the award-winning film Alive Inside and a movement to make music part of the standard protocol at nursing homes everywhere.

Scott Lien, CEO and co-founder of GrandPad, believes easily accessible technology could be the answer. The GrandPad is a tablet built for seniors. Along with viewing family photos and videos, it allows users to make both voice and video calls and create voice emails. It also includes access to a collection of music from the 1920’s through the 1950’s.

Michael Rossato-Bennett and Scott Lien join Mike Walter in our Los Angeles studio to talk about the effects music can have on sparking memories.

Playing for change: Inspiring and connecting through music

Mike Walter with Whitney Kroenke and Mark Johnson

Playing for Change founders, philanthropists and filmmakers Whitney Kroenke and Mark Johnson share the mission of their musical journey.

Some of the most profound and touching musical performances can be found on street corners, in parks, on train platforms, and in town squares around the world. Combined, the talents of these street musicians can be truly magical.

The street musician videos made by Playing for Change, have become a global sensation…touching millions of lives. The movement is designed to connect people, around the world, unifying them, and bringing peace through the power of music. Playing For Change inspired the creation of the Playing For Change Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building music and art schools for children around the world.

The foundation’s founders, philanthropists and filmmakers, Whitney Kroenke and Mark Johnson, join Mike Walter in our Los Angeles studio to share the mission of their musical journey.

Phyllis Chen: Miniature music

Phyllis Chen not only collects tiny toy pianos, she also composes beautiful music with them.

Phyllis Chen not only collects tiny toy pianos, she also composes beautiful music with them.

Originally created as a child’s toy, the toy piano has become the inspiration for many musicians. Phyllis Chen not only collects these instruments, she composes beautiful music with them. These compositions are elaborate and complex. Phyllis prefers to use the nostalgic sounds of childhood by sometimes incorporating music boxes.

Recently, she launched the first Bienniel UnCaged Toy Piano Festival – a festival for toy piano composers to launch their new works. Phyllis has released four albums and three solo albums using this unique instrument. She takes us on a quirky musical journey back to our childhood.

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