Family pieces together Chinese banknotes after man shreds $21,000

World Today

An 85-year-old man cut 140,000 yuan ($21,252) worth of banknotes into small pieces, causing his son and daughter-in-law to spend three months piecing them together.


The man received 200,000 yuan in cash after he sold his house in Anshan, in northeast China’s Liaoning province last year.

The man’s son said his father told him he cut 140,000 yuan of that money into pieces in October of last year, so that they wouldn’t “think about his money anymore.”

The son and his wife went to a bank who said they could exchange the money if they could piece the shredded banknotes together again.


The son and his wife spent 19 hours a day for weeks, slowly putting together the pieces of nearly 1,180 one-hundred banknotes. They finished in the task in January and then exchanged the notes at the bank and deposited the money along with the remaining 60,000 yuan from the sale.

Story by CCTV News