New photos illuminate the life of artist Frida Kahlo

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Artist Frida KahloNew photos illuminate the life of artist Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo is a legendary Mexican artist famous for her bold and vibrant self-portraits. Now, the discovery of private photographs of her family, reveal new information about the woman and her world. Correspondent Mike Kirsch reports on the painful and passionate life of Frida Kahlo.

Iconic artist Frida Kahlo is a revered figure not only in Mexico and among feminists but internationally as well. Her legend as one who succeeded against all odds continues to inspire 60 years after her death.  Today we are learning even more about her through a collection of personal photographs. They were hidden away in her Mexico City home for half a century before being discovered and for the very first time are now being made public.

They are part of a traveling exhibit called “Frida Kahlo: Her Photos.”  The exhibit includes an intimate look at how she overcame a horrific bus accident that left her body broken…but not her spirit.  

Join correspondent Mike Kirsch as he takes us to this exhibit in Tijuana that adds insight into the illustrious artist.

The Frida Kahlo photo exhibit is scheduled to run through 2018 and is projected to draw more than a million visitors worldwide.  It has stops in the United States…New Zealand, Brazil and Australia.