Chinese company posts job opening that’s “only for Virgos”

World Today

Photo: CFP

A financial company in East China’s Qingdao, Shandong province, so fervently believes in astrology that it advertised for a recent vacancy and the ad said that “this post is only for Virgos.”

The advertisement at an employment fair was reported by the Yangtze Evening News on Sunday. The newspaper did not disclose the name of the company.

The report says that the company currently has 12 employees working in its venture investment evaluation department and 11 of them are Virgos.

The head of human resources department of the company said that their internal evaluation of staff over the past 15 years had showed that Virgos were better at evaluating and controlling venture investment. However, she added that the company also has other criteria for hiring new employees.

The job posting has caused much on social media in China. Some question the unscientific nature of the company’s policy, calling it zodiac discrimination and a form of inequity such as gender bias.

“It is unreasonable to recruit people by horoscope signs. My company uses different kinds of tests to evaluate if a person is fit for a certain post,” a human resources employee from Vanda Qingdao told the Yangtze Evening News.

Meng Tianyun, a professor in the Sociology Department of Qingdao University, said companies ought to recruit employees using a more through testing system.

Story by CCTV News