Islamic State destroys 1,400-year-old monastery in Iraq

Islamic Extremism

Iraq’s oldest Christian monastery has been completely destroyed by ISIL militants.

A holy site that managed to survive hundreds of years in times of war and peace, could not survive the hands of the terror group ISIL.

CCTV’s Jessica Stone reports from Washington.

For 14 centuries, Saint Elijah’s Monastery in Mosul stood for peace and faith, hosting worshipers from around the world.
Newly-obtained satellite images confirm the monastery was standing when ISIL militants took over the area. Now, just one month later, it has been destroyed by the Islamic State.

Destroying cultural artifacts and landmarks is a tactic of the group. Last year, ISIL released video showing the destruction of Hatra in Iraq, which is a UNESCO heritage site from the time of Alexander the Great.

In 2014, ISIL showed another attack in Mosul, and justified the attacks as part of protecting their interpretation of ISLAM.
What they don’t destroy they sell on the black market, which is part of how the terror group earns income for their so-called caliphate.