Giving Mexico City a makeover by growing gardens

Americas Now

Smog caused by heavy traffic and industry has given Mexico City a gloomy reputation. But one man is working with the local government to brighten that image. He designs community gardens in public spaces and offers workshops to residents.

This week’s Game Changer on “Americas Now” is urban gardener Francisco Ayala.

Mexico City has come a long way since the United Nations named it the world’s dirtiest city almost 25 years ago.  It’s long been notorious for its traffic and chaotic pace.  But the massive metropolis has made tremendous strides in fighting its smog problem with various pollution policies and measures.   

Residents like Francisco Ayala can also take a little credit as well.  Francisco transformed his neighborhood by turning an abandoned public space into a gardening school and animal shelter. He holds workshops to teach others too.

The garden has a recycling program where neighbors can drop off their soda cans and plastic.   Certain groups then re-use the waste for construction, art and design projects.

Meet this week’s Game Changer…Francisco Ayala.