Suricato experiments with a new genre of jazz in Colombia

Americas Now


The popular, music genre of Jazz is not easy to define.  It was born in the United States more than a century ago in the African-American community with some European influence.  It can be lively and loud but Jazz can also be described as slow and solemn. A Colombian band named “Suricato” is putting its own twist on Jazz by giving listeners what it calls a “contradictory sonic experience.”

The quartet combines jazz with the sounds of their country. In fact, Colombia recently acknowledged their music as helping to define the country’s brand.

Suricato has performed across the Americas including Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and the United States.  

“Americas Now” had a chance to listen and talk to the members of “Suricato” when they played in Washington, DC.

Check out the sound of Suricato. They are this week’s “Urban Voice” on “Americas Now.”