A Venezuelan mountaineer leads an expedition into integration

Americas Now

A mountain climber from Venezuela who believes in nature’s power to change is this week’s Game Changer on “Americas Now.” Marcus Tobia brings kids from different backgrounds together to teach them how to climb.  And with his program “Children on the Summit,” he sees them change in other ways too.

More than 60 years ago, Sir Edmund Hillary and his guide reached the summit of Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak.  Since then some four thousand climbers have made it to the top including the first Venezuelans Marcus Tobia and his team.

Marcus has trained Venezuelan, Nepali and Inuit children how to climb and trek in different parts of the world for 20 years. “Children on the Summit” teaches them courage, discipline and perseverance.

Marcus recently brought a group of young Venezuelans to Greenland’s icy tundra then some of Greenland’s kids to the jungles of Venezuela.  Much of the experience revolves around the cultural exchange.  

Take a look at this week’s Game Changer, Marcus Tobia, on “Americas Now.”