Return to Sansha: South China Sea’s unique marine dependent culture

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For generations, Chinese fishermen have earned their living in the South China Sea. Now development in the city of Sansha is changing the landscape of the islands and the way fishermen live.

Fishermen on Yongxing Island, seat of the Municipal Government, tell of challenges and contradictions that come with progress.

CCTV’s Han Bin reports

Keeping China’s islands safe and green
China’s southernmost city of Sansha, is playing a strategic role in the exercise of China’s sovereignty in the South China Sea. The city is upgrading maritime law enforcement through a mechanism of joint efforts in promoting political structure, developing industries and perfecting the legal system. That’s the word from Sansha mayor Xiao Jie, during the first island patrol in the Lunar New Year.

CCTV’s Han Bin reports from Sansha.

Sansha gets creative with eco-friendly islands
For people living on the islands in the South China Sea, the environment is a growing concern. Their lives and livelihoods depend on the health of the coral reefs there.
CCTV’s Han Bin reports from Sansha.