Buddhist temple advertises for jobs on Weibo, surprising many

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The Lingyin Temple in east China’s Hangzhou, in Zhejiang province, recently released a notice of job vacancies on its official WeChat account, causing a hubbub on Chinese social media. The positions were quickly filled.

Screengrab of the Linyin Temple’s recruitment post on wechat

According to the notice, the temple was looking for people in digital media, including editing, photography, and video post-production.

The temple said it hoped to use Weibo to spread the culture and tradition of the Lingyin temple.

After seeing such a rare employment notice, many showed an interest in working in such a peaceful setting. According to a survey released by zhaopin.com, an online job vacancies purveyor, Chinese office workers’ job satisfaction was 2.41 out of 5. People working in a metropolitan cities also reported serious dissatisfaction with their jobs.

Some questions Weibo users had for the temple jobs included:

“Do people who are employed need to cut their hair?” asked @Xihumaodongjinian.

“Is there an access to WIFI?” asked @Guiquan-Liu168.

“I need a link to post my resume,” said @Wangbuliuxingwangfeiyan

Ven. Guangquan, the abbot of the Lingyin Temple, said that working at the temple is beneficial to people’s temperament, and can help people become calm and patient.

The temple’s HR staff later told CCTV News that the jobs were quickly filled and the help wanted post was deleted.

Story by CCTV News.