New Year celebrations end with a bang, bright lights in cities across the world

Chinese Culture

Around the world, many Chinese Spring Festival celebrations were winding down with a big finish.

That was true Saturday night in California, where festivities culminated in one of the largest displays of Chinese culture in all the United States.

CCTV’s Mark Niu has the details from San Francisco. Follow Mark Niu on Twitter @MarkNiuWrite

Chinese New Year celebrations draw to a close in New Zealand

Several hundred thousand people were expected at the annual Auckland Lantern Festival to view the lanterns, sample Chinese food, and be entertained by a host of international acts.

As our New Zealand correspondent Owen Poland reports, the three-day Festival coincides with a record influx of Chinese tourists for the New Year holiday.

The significance of Spring Festival
Spring festival is the most important holiday of the year for Chinese. As celebrations came to a close, we were joined by CCTV’s Han Peng from Beijing and then by current affairs commentator Victor Gao to talk about the significance of the holiday.