Refugees seeking asylum stranded at Greek border

Refugee and Migrant Crisis

The border town of Idomeni in northern Greece is now the latest crisis point for refugees in Europe. 

Nearly 12,000 people, mostly from Syria and Iraq, are stranded there. The conditions getting worse by the day since several European countries imposed new border restrictions.

CCTV’s Filio Kontrafouri reports.

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The images show an endless stream of humanity in search for a better life in northern Europe. People walk through the fields and highways and at the end of this Greek border town what awaits them is more hardship.

A small, overflowing transit camp turned in to a huge tent city with limited access to food, shelter and medical care. It’s been raining for two days and fields are now muddy. Many children are sick.

Aid agencies distribute food. The line is getting bigger every day along with the wait almost two hours to get a sandwich, some fruit and water.

Greece set up another camp just a few kilometers away, where people can have better living conditions.

But almost everyone wants to stay on the border in case the gate opens. They are determined not to miss the only chance they may get to move on.

But for now, they do have some extra food. At the end of the day, volunteers distribute warm rice and potato soup. And the people stranded here begin to brace for another cold night, hoping that tomorrow will be a better day.