NPC and CPPCC: Lawmakers discuss Belt and Road Initiative


President Xi Jinping’s proposed the Belt and Road Initiative has been a hot topic during the political season. CCTV’s Hou Na reports from Beijing about expectations for the initiative.

The initiative, seen by many as a key pillar in China’s foreign trade drive, means government cash may well be available to state-owned enterprises to help fund acquisitions and make investments.

While still in its early stage, the Belt and Road initiative has paved the way for stronger connections and cooperation among dozens of countries and regions. With economic development a heated topic at the session, lawmakers had high hope that the session will yield into tangible results.

belt road 1

“China has to blend in with the world. One Belt One Road initiative provides a chance for China to set rules. From my own experience, I’m doing agricultural business, the initiative definitely provides more opportunities,” National People’s Congress Deputy Liu Yonghao said.

Proposed in 2013, the initiative will link China with Europe through central and western Asia by land, while a maritime silk road will connect China with southeast Asia, Africa and Europe.

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“Infrastructure construction is a huge challenge for us in the central and western regions. We should open up to bring more opportunities through the Belt and Road initiative,” NPC Deputy Yu Yong said.

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Chinese authorities published an action plan specifying the policy’s framework and priorities in March last year. Lawmakers say they would like to see more concepts put into practice.

“We should carefully choose the projects for the initiative because many countries along the belt and road region face overcapacity. We should fit the needs of both China and the other countries that we are doing business with,” NPC Deputy Liu Gexin said.