Greece under pressure to find shelter for new arrivals

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Greece under pressure to find shelter for new arrivals

Europe’s refugee crisis again brought leaders from Turkey and the EU to Brussels.

The continent’s worst migrant problem since World War II has threatened regional unity and strained resources.

CCTV America’s Natalie Carney reports from the Greek-Macedonia border, where 13,000 people hope to find a way toward Europe’s shores.

Hour by hour the number of refugees streaming to the Greek border with Macedonia increases.

Fires burn for warmth and to clear the piles of garbage piling up, and disease is spreading quickly.

Greece called upon its Ministry of Health to help with the humanitarian crisis. But while information is limited, the refugees know it’ll be a long wait — one they have no control over.

Macedonia has only allowed a small trickle of Syrians and Iraqis through in recent days.

With few other options, everyone lives in limbo, some even preferring to return to the dire situations they left behind.

According to the EU, the solution is for Turkey to stop the flow of refugees crossing the Aegean to get to Greece. But that does little to answer what will become of the thousands already here.