Florida to play a primary key in Republican presidential race

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The Florida state winner-take-all primary could be decisive in the controversial and unpredictable contest for the U.S. presidential nomination of the Republican party. The front-runner, Donald Trump, will face a challenge from popular home state senator Marco Rubio, who has vowed to do everything he can to win in the Sunshine State.

CCTV’s Nitza Soledad Perez reports from Miami.

Florida is Marco Rubio’s home turf, the state that launched the 44-year-old Cuban-American’s political rise and the state that could crush his bid for the Republican party nomination.

One more time, the state of Florida could shake up a presidential race. In the 80’s, a romantic escapade in Florida helped sink a senator’s dream to the White House. In 2000, half punched ballots in Florida sent the presidential election to the Supreme Court, after a contested recount.

This time, a Florida victory could clear the way for Trump to win the Republican nomination and force Marco Rubio, once called the savior of the Republican party, out of the race. Here in Florida, the winner takes all of its 99 delegates.

Heading into the last week, Trump held a 15 point advantage over Rubio in his home state, according to local polls.

Nationally, Trump is also leading the Republican race, closely followed by Senator Ted Cruz, the son of a Cuban immigrant.

Rubio faces an uphill climb, according to many polls, but history has shown that Florida can change the course of a presidential race.

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