#recherchebruxelles: Families use Twitter to find those missing in Brussels attack

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#recherchebruxelles: Families use Twitter in search for missing in Brussels attack

Families of people still missing following the Brussels terror attacks are turning to social media to find any shred of information.

Using a Twitter handle @rechercheBXL and hashtag #RechercheBruxelles (literally “search Brussels”) people are posting details about their loved ones along with photographs.

One post has a photo and a message that Gilles Laurent is missing and asking people to retweet it:

Another asks people if they’ve seen Frank Deng, 24.

Another recent post is of Liesbet Samyn, 37:

Facebook has also activated its “safety check” system to help people check on friends and loved ones in the aftermath of the attacks.

Here’s the latest from the hashtag #RechercheBruxelles: