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May Lee and Richard CurtisMay Lee talks with British filmmaker Richard Curtis about Project Everyone.

It seems solving some of the world’s biggest problems often takes novel or creative ideas so solution seekers who think “outside the box” tend to see big results.

Full Frame kicks off its third season this week! Join us for conversations with those who are taking a new approach to solving some of the world’s toughest challenges in new and unconventional ways.

Richard Curtis: Taking on the world’s problems

Richard Curtis

British filmmaker Richard Curtis discusses his most recent creation, Project Everyone.

While some people merely dream of changing the world, for award-winning British filmmaker Richard Curtis, it’s a reality. The man behind such international hits as Love Actually and Bridget Jones’s Diary, is also co-founder of the hugely successful Comic Relief and Red Nose Day fundraising events. In life, and on film, Curtis seems to perfectly capture both humor and humanity.

His most recent creation is Project Everyone, an effort to promote the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals which includes a set of 17 objectives to achieve three ambitions by the year 2030: End extreme poverty, tackle climate change and fight inequality and injustice.

A passionate and lifelong philanthropist, Curtis joined May Lee in New York City where he was attending the annual Social Good Summit. He joined others there who are thinking “outside the box” to change the world.

Trisa Thompson: Dell’s dedication to global sustainability

Trisa Thompson

Vice President of Corporate Responsibility for Dell, Trisa Thompson, discuss Dell’s corporate sustainability programs.

The UN predicts that by 2025, the global population of seven billion people will soar to eight billion, making the preservation of our natural resources and protection of the planet more crucial than ever.

One person who’s acutely aware of this growth is Trisa Thompson, one of the most influential people in the world of sustainability. She’s the vice-president of Corporate Responsibility for computer giant, Dell, the global leader in sustainable, innovative packaging. Dell is also the biggest technology recycler in the industry.

May Lee sat down with Trisa at the 2015 Social Good Summit in New York City. They talked about Dell’s corporate sustainability programs, and how thinking outside the box not only benefits the company, but also the consumer and, perhaps most importantly, the environment.

Tin Ma Ma (Tess) Htet: Storytelling in the classroom

Tin Ma Ma (Tess) Htet

Myanmar teacher Tin Ma Ma (Tess) Htet talks about using her storytelling passion in the classroom.

Tin Ma Ma Htet, or “Tess” as she’s known, is not only a teacher, but a leader, too. Most importantly, she’s a storyteller. She utilizes unique and outside-the-box methods to train educators and to promote student-centered learning in schools across Myanmar. Tess is passionate about passing on traditional stories and uses them as a tool to promote critical thinking, academic skills and moral values.

May Lee spoke with Tess at the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative about her life story and what drives her storytelling passion.

Soo Yeon Lee: Ping Pong passion

Soo Yeon Lee

International table tennis champion, fashion model and actress, Soon Yeon Lee talks about expanding the sport’s global popularity.

By thinking outside the box, South Korean table tennis champion Soo Yeon Lee was able to “paddle” her life into a new direction. At the age of nine, Lee began her competitive career training extensively with Olympic Gold Medalist Jung Hwa Hyun. She helped Lee win six titles as the Korean National Junior Champion.

After moving to the United States, Lee spread her wings and began a successful career as a model and actress, but she never gave up her first passion. Now, she uses modeling and acting to help promote table tennis.

These days, she says, it’s not about winning, but encouraging others to have fun by following their own passion. She’s worked with the country of Georgia and its National Youth School Sports League to encourage young girls to hit over the net…whether it’s in table tennis or their other aspirations in life.

On this week’s Close Up, Full Frame caught up with the international table tennis champion, fashion model and actress who’s expanding the popularity of the sport to a global level.

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