Instant messaging service’s new service to encrypt all communications

World Today

“WhatsApp” is an instant-messaging service used by an estimated one billion globally. And, it’s now providing full encryption.

That means the only people who can access communications will be the sender and recipient. It’s a major step for privacy in the digital age and a potential new headache for law enforcement around the globe.

CCTV America’s Sean Callebs reports.

It’s called “end-to-end” encryption, and means only the sender and recipient can see the messages, photos, and videos.

The company founders detailed in a blog why they want all WhatsApp information to be so secure.

“Every day we see stories about sensitive records being improperly accessed or stolen. And, if nothing is done, more people’s digital information and communication will be vulnerable to attack in the years to come,” the blog post said.

But, law enforcement officers contend it is a slippery slope, and will continue to push for a so-called backdoor so they can have access to encrypted, and locked files.

Scott Schober on WhatsApp encryption

For more on this WhatsApp move, CCTV America’s Mike Walter spoke to Scott Schober in New York City. He’s President and CEO of Berkeley Varitronics Systems. It helps companies and government organizations manage secure facilities and maintain wireless networks.