Disrupt Space: Europe’s first summit for space entrepreneurs

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Space Disrupt

A summit in Germany is bringing together bright young minds with organizations like the European Space Agency and the World Food Program to look at how new ideas can solve big problems.

CCTV’s Guy Henderson reports from Bremen, Germany.

The “Flock E1” Dove, a geo-mapping satellite launched from the International Space Station last year, was designed in Chris Boshuizen’s garage. Boshuizen, founder of Planet Labs has come to the right summit, the Disrupt Space Summit.

There’s never been a gathering quite like this in Europe. But there’s now a boom in space entrepreneurs following Boshuizen’s path.

The final frontier is getting a lot closer and more investors realize it. In 2015, more money was pumped into space start-ups than in the previous 15 years combined.

But there are still significant financial barriers to making mass space travel a reality.

With less financial resources, the bright young minds here are focused on a different kind of market. Though smaller in scale, their ambitions are no less ground-breaking.

Ryan Faith on the future of Space Disrupt Summit

For more on the Disrupt Space Summit, Mike Walter spoke with Ryan Faith, a Defense & National Security Editor for Vice News.