Bob Ezrin: Heavy metal meets Mongolian folk music

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Bob EzrinCanadian record producer Bob Ezrin discusses his latest project with Mongolian group Hanggai.

What happens when you pair one of the most talented and celebrated music producers in the world with a traditional Mongolian group — which has a little more than a hint of heavy metal? The end product of this union may just put the band Hanggai in the rock music history books.

Canadian record producer Bob Ezrin is a musical genius, best known for producing some of the most successful albums in rock history, including Pink Floyd’s The Wall, Kiss’ Destroyer and Alice Cooper’s Welcome to My Nightmare.

But Ezrin’s chance meeting, in China, with the band leader of Hanggai, led to a unique collaboration.

“What they do naturally is really fascinating, brilliant and beautiful,” says Ezrin. “All I’m trying to do is help them do it a little bit better, a little tighter.”

Bob Ezrin: Heavy metal meets Mongolian folk music

Canadian record producer Bob Ezrin's latest project is with Mongolian music group Hanggai.

His task was to meld the folk group’s traditional Mongolian instruments and vocals, which include the ancient art of throat singing, with the driving electric guitars and the heavy-metal edge the band loves.

“It was like the weirdest thing I’d ever seen,” explains Ezrin. “And I thought to myself, ‘Boy, I’d really love to work with those guys’.”

It’s a unique sound that may never be mainstream — but it’s definitely worth a listen — and chances are — it will make it on to your playlist as well.

Full Frame contributor Sean Callebs had exclusive access as the band and the producer jammed in the studio.

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