China aims to build world-class soccer team by 2050

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A plan has been released by several government agencies, including China’s top economic planner and its football association.

The plan sets the mid-term and long-term goals for the Chinese soccer industry and how to achieve them.

CCTV’s Xing Zheming has more.

In a 14-page plan outlined a multi-decade vision to turn Team Dragon, currently ranked 81st in the world by FIFA, into an elite team.

To do so, China plans to build 70,000 soccer fields by 2020, giving access to over 50 million Chinese people to play soccer on a regular basis.

The government will also support over 20,000 schools to specialize in soccer education. This means over 30,000,000 young students in elementary schools and middle schools across China will get systematic soccer education and training.

The plan said by 2030, there will be a soccer field for every 10,000 Chinese people. The soccer industry is also intended to be a key growth engine for China’s overall sports sector.

Authorities hope Chinese professional soccer teams can become Asia’s best teams in 15 years.