Netanyahu, Putin meet in Moscow


Russia and other countries have been sending advanced military systems to Iran, raising new concerns in Israel. It was under this cloud that Netanyahu traveled to Moscow this week to meet with President Vladimir Putin.

CCTV’s Daria Bondarchuk reports.

Putin welcomed Netanyahu to discuss closer military coordination between the two nations.

Just last weekend, Iran showcased a Russian-made air-defense system during an annual army parade.

Israel wants to prevent the transfer of sophisticated weapons from Iran and Syria to the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, fearing a possible military buildup near the country’s northern border.

The Israeli leader reinstated his intent to keep control over the territory which Syria also claims.

While some influential countries such as the United States and Germany have rejected Israel’s claims on the Golan Heights, the Kremlin has avoided commenting on the sensitive issue. Some Russian analysts believe a deal over the disputed territory could help bring stability and peace to Syria and the region.

“There is a logical and sensible chance of reaching an understating around the Golan Heights because the situation is ripe,” Asian Studies Professor at the Higher School of Economics Andrey Chuprygin said. “If Syria for any reason agrees on a status quo of the Golan Heights, then Israel, I am sure about this, will do its outmost to provide the environment for sustainability of peace in Syria.”

Another point of discussion was the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Some say after years of failed attempts to bring the conflicting sides to negotiating table, a new mediator could help finally resolve the decades-long dispute.

“It might be that both parties are looking now to Russia, to Kremlin, feeling waters, if Kremlin might be this mediator after showing the capabilities of resolving issues, even by force, in the Middle East, in Syria,” Chuprygin added.

Netanyahu’s visit comes just days after the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ trip to Moscow, raising thoughts that Moscow may be positioning itself as a mediator in the Middle East.

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