China to offer $2M in aid to Ecuador after earthquake

World Today

Members of China’s rescue team prepare to head to Pedernales, the most affected zone after the earthquake, in Manta, province of Manabi, Ecuador, on April 21, 2016. [Photo: Xinhua]

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce said the country will offer $2 million to Ecuador following the 7.8-magnitude earthquake on Saturday.

Ecuador’s Prosecutor’s Office said in its latest report that the death toll has reached 587, including 27 foreigners.

China’s Ministry of Commerce said Chinese companies in Ecuador have sent hundreds of rescuers to the disaster site, finding three survivors and 47 bodies.

They also offered 100 pieces of equipment to help resume transport.

Chinese companies have also donated food, drugs, and medical equipment to the quake-affected areas, and sent technicians to build telecommunication infrastructure.

Saturday’s 7.8-magnitude tremor claimed over 500 lives and injured nearly 6,000 others. The quake brought down buildings and disrupted public services in several areas.

Ecuador’s national security system of command and control, built by China, has played a pivotal role in coordinating the relief efforts.

The Sinclair Hydroelectric Power Plant – the largest energy project in Ecuador’s history and built by Chinese companies – automatically triggered a self-protection system soon after the disaster.

Just one day later, the facility was fully operating and power generation capacity was boosted to protect the grid.

Story by China Radio International