Gifts for Mothers Day offered by online start-ups

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Gifts for Mothers Day offered by online start-ups

More and more female entrepreneurs are starting up businesses with women in mind.  CCTV’s Shraysi Tandon reports on one company hoping to cash in big just in time for Mother’s Day.

When you think about shopping for your mother, a traditional brick-and-mortar store may come to mind maybe you’d check out those stores’ websites.

But a community of New York entrepreneurs is working to draw you away from the traditional and into the world of online startups.

New York Hearts Tech is an online e-commerce site and a digital pop-up store that brings together New York-based startups operating at the crossroads of fashion, beauty and tech.

“When it comes to lifestyle tech, to fashion tech, to beauty tech, actually the biggest brands in that space, if I’m talking about Adore Me, Birchbox, Gilt, Bauble Bar, they actually all came from New York, they didn’t come from the Valley,” Sharon Klapka, Chairwoman of New York Hearts Tech said.

New York Hearts Tech launched on Valentine’s Day in February. The event was such a success that the organization is doing it all over again for Mother’s Day.

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans spent an average of $173 on mom last year, the highest amount in the survey’s 12 year history. Total spending on Mother’s Day reached around $21.2 billion.

Plus size clothing startup Gwynnie Bee is one of 19 companies that have joined New York Hearts Tech, hoping to cash in on some of that spending.

Lingerie startup Adore Me, which created the initiative, is tailoring the items they sell lure in more consumers.

In addition to being a potentially lucrative business opportunity, New York Hearts Tech is also a chance for competitive startups to work together.

Bringing together 19 startups from across the city, New York Hearts Tech is proof that when it comes to competing for customers wallets, collaboration is sometimes better than competition.