Angel Flight West: Soaring Hope

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Angel Flight WestThe kindness of strangers gives hope to those traveling with serious medical conditions.

The kindness of strangers can be a life-changing event, sometimes at the least-expected moment.

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Angel Flight West is a non-profit organization taking that philosophy into the great blue skies.

The volunteer-driven organization arranges free, non-emergency air travel for children and adults with serious medical conditions and other compelling needs.

LeeAnn Brill is heading home after nine weeks of cancer radiation.

“I’m very excited to be going home,” said Brill. She and her husband were making the late-night four-hour drive from Las Vegas to Irvine, California for her chemotherapy appointments until they found out about Angel Flight West, which cuts the trip down to an hour.

Angel Flight West: Soaring Hope

The kindness of strangers offers hope to those traveling with serious medical conditions.

Angel Flight’s network includes more than 1,400 pilots who donate their aircraft, piloting skills, and all flying costs to help families in need, enabling them to receive vital medical treatment that may otherwise be out of reach.

“I see this as a great opportunity to do some good and be able to do something I enjoy, which is, of course, flying,” explained Angel Flight West Pilot Jack Lohmann.

Full Frame Contributor Sandra Hughes went along for a ride to find out more about the “awesome” work of these real-life angels with wings.