Ryan Corcoran: Goals for your life bucket list

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Ryan Corcoran“My Life Bucket” website creator and entrepreneur Ryan Corcoran talks about the concept of keeping a life bucket list.

What are your goals in life? What would you love to explore in this world, and with whom would you like to share that experience? And what if you could keep track of all of that information in one “awesome” place?

Ryan Corcoran created My Life Bucket which helps users define, share and complete their life’s goals.

“Whether it’s go to New Zealand or save a $100 in the bank, it doesn’t matter, a goal is a goal,” stated Corcoran. “You need to get it out there so you can start working on it.”

Ryan Corcoran: Goals for your life bucket list

Ryan Corcoran talks about his social networking site My Life Bucket.

My Life Bucket is a social networking site based on the concept of a bucket list. It also creates a support system for goal setters.

“The benefit that you would get is really the ability to keep track of your goals. Get accountability, that’s the big thing,” explained Corcoran. “It helps when you have people looking at that and saying, ‘OK, you’ve announced this to the world, now you need to do it.’”

Ryan Corcoran joins Mike Walter in our New York City Studio to tell us more about this awesome site.