More than 80 countries celebrate Mother’s Day

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Photo by Smithsonian National Zoo.

From Anguilla to Zimbabwe, people in more than 80 countries honored their mother’s on May 8, 2016.

Mother’s day was first celebrated by Anna Jarvis in 1908 in West Virginia, but it has since become an international day to thank the mothers in people’s lives. Even Pope Francis wished mother’s across the world a happy International Mother’s Day.

CCTV America talked to our staff members about the life lessons their mother’s taught them:

China is also considering whether to establish its own official Mother’s Day.

Representatives of the top legislature body are considering the birthday Chinese philosopher, Meng Zi (Mencius) (372 BC-289 BC), as Mother’s Day.

His mother, known only as Zhang (仉) raised Meng Zi on her own after his father died when he was very young.

Legend has it that his mother moved their home three times to provide the most optimal education for her child, giving birth the the expression: “Mencius’ mother, three moves” in Chinese or 孟母三遷.

Scholars have suggested that the Mencius’ birthday, which is the second day of the fourth lunar month, should be Chinese Mother’s Day — presumably because it’s not clear when Zhang’s birthday is. Mencius’ mother would be the figurehead of the proposed holiday, they said.

China considers official Mother\'s Day

Chinese officials are considering setting the birthday of the mother of the Chinese philosopher Meng Zi, as Mother's Day.

CCTV’s Tang Bo speaks to people in China about how they plan to celebrate the day.

Chinese celebrate Mother's Day

CCTV's Tang Bo talks to Chinese people about how they celebrate Mother's Day.