Forbes Women’s Summit addresses power imbalance

Global Business

Hundreds of women entrepreneurs gathered in New York City for the annual Forbes Women’s Summit.  The meeting of minds is meant to address the gender imbalances in the global business world and the lack of women in positions of power.

This year’s Forbes Women Summit reads like the Who’s Who of women in the business, entertainment and the entrepreneurial world. Everyone from Sarah Jessica Parker to Kate Hudson, Ivanka Trump and Christy Turlington were there to discuss ways in which women can redefine power. CCTV’s Shraysi Tandon reports.

Kathryn Finney on careers where women are making strides

Building a successful business is rarely easy, but one woman is trying to make it easier for women of color. Kathryn Finney is the founder and managing director of DigitalUndivided, which is promoting economic growth in the U.S. by finding, training and supporting women entrepreneurs of color. CCTV America’s Shraysi Tandon asked Finney, “In what industries are women making strides?”