Shanghai Disney Resort: How expensive is it?

World Today

Shanghai’s soon-to-open Disney Resort is reportedly the cheapest of all six Disneyland theme parks globally if you compare the ticket prices — off-peak tickets cost 370 yuan ($56) and peak season tickets are 499 yuan ($75) — but exorbitant food and shopping prices inside the amusement park are supposedly making Chinese customers unhappy in what is considered the “happiest place in the world.”


Feedback from last week’s trial run have dampened the enthusiastic spirit for many as they ended up paying 6 yuan for a steamed bum, 10 yuan for a piece of shrimp dumpling and 65 yuan for a bucket of popcorn, according to the Beijing Youth Daily.

This means, a family of three would spend an average of about 2,600 yuan ($430) and 6,000 yuan ($1,000) for a two-day trip to the resort – that’s almost the price of a return air-ticket from Beijing to London.


As soon as the news surfaced, people were quick to comment on Chinese social media platforms.

“Shanghai Disney allows unopened food and beverage. You can always carry your own food if you feel they are expensive inside the resort,” commented @nono_mo on Weibo.

“Isn’t there supposed to be some restrictions when the price is not reasonable?” asked @mangcaoTJ.

One park visitor surnamed Shi, said she had been to Hong Kong Disneyland Resort with her family two months ago, said they spent 1,000 Hong Kong dollars (about 800 yuan on a single breakfast. She wonders if it will cost more at Shanghai resort.

“It [Hong Kong Disneyland Resort] does cost a lot but you can’t enjoy live shows featuring Cinderella elsewhere,” Mrs. Shi told Beijing Youth Daily’s report.

Story by CCTV News