Rerouted from Turkey, refugees struggle through bureaucracy to enter Italy

Refugee and Migrant Crisis

According to a new report from Great Britain, Operation Sophia — the EU’s naval mission to stop illegal smuggling — isn’t working.

And now that Turkey has stopped the flow of refugees crossing into Greece, more and more migrants are trying to enter Europe through Italy.

Guy Henderson reports that route is clogged by red tape.
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Italy has taken in thousands of asylum seekers every month. Only a fraction are being relocated to other parts of Europe, and the system is under increasing strain.

Angela Lupo gives legal advice to new arrivals, and works closely with municipal authorities.

“What the European regulations say about timing is one thing. But then there’s the timings we actually have here in Italy for completing the entire process, starting from the first step, which is the initial examination of all requests for asylum received and then the long period for the appeals process at court,” she said.

Gauri van Gulik on Operation Sophia

CCTV America’s Mike Walter spoke with Amnesty International’s Gauri van Gulik about Operation Sophia and the abuses happening to refugees who risk their lives to escape their homelands.

Professor Michael Czinkota on an EU-Turkey refugee deal

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